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Northeast Amateur Tournament


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NEW FOR 2015 !!!
ALL NEW 4 Game Qualifying Format!

"One Ball" Tournament Champion
Mike Litchfield (Left)

Next Tournament

"Season End Tournament"

$500 Added to Prize Fund By Harry's Pub

Date:  Sunday - May 31, 2015
Location: Westgate Lanes - Brockton, MA.

Entry Fee - $75.00
Re - Entry - $75.00

Qualifying Squads 
10:00 AM / 12:45 PM
The 1st Squad will now begin at 10:00 AM
Registration will close at 9:50 AM

 ( Email Jay Mantere at Jay.Mantere@gmail.com for more tournament information. )

Visit our Facebook Page at Northeast Amateur Tournament for Past Results !


USBC Sanctioned!

Regular Singles Information

4 Games across 8 Lanes during Qualifying 

 Separate Squad Cuts 

Lane Condition - Center "House" Shot

Qualifying scores based on approx. 1 out 5 Ratio

AT - LARGE to determine remaining Qualifiers for the Day
(If Feasible)

Handicap - 80% of 230 w/ Maximum Handicap of 55 Pins per Game
230 & Higher bowl scratch

* Head to Head Elimination Finals *
Championship Match 2 Games with 2x Handicap

2 Qualifying Squads - 10:00 AM & 12:45 PM
  Head to Head Finals TO FOLLOW QUALIFYING

 Entry Fee - $65.00
Re-Entry Fee - $60.00

$10.00 Optional Side Pool with "Progressive" Strike Jackpot

$10.00 Optional "Scratch" Eliminator Pool

Brackets Available ($5.00 Scratch & Handicap)

All Bowlers Paid On-Site, Day of the Tournament !

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